As 2016 high season approaches, Fair Trek’s headquarters is preparing and getting ready for more than 400 students that will participate in our community projects and adventure activities. Community First! This year we have the amazing task of building schools, preschools, meeting houses, community bathrooms and keep working in the Eco-bungalow experience. We are finishing our second Eco Bungalow and the grand opening will be held in Middle November!


These projects and these trips would not be possible without the help and amazing job of our Fair Trek tour guides. They are the most valuable part of our team since they live and know by heart everything there is to know about Laos and its culture.

Because of this, Fair Trek held its First Annual Guide Training Session. This year’s training sessions focused on the guide’s role as a cultural ambassador, our emergency protocols and safety as our main priority. They have been trained to lead student groups with respect and professionalism and are always eager to show students – and group leaders – what makes Laos so unique. Fair Trek is very proud of its team, of the very interesting questions that were asked and the discussion that took place during this training session. We believe this open communication with our guides helps us improve our services and student travel trips.

This group of English speaking guides will work with more than 15 groups to translate, help, inform and organize the local logistics during the trip. They are the biggest support for our Partner Organization’s leaders and the communities. It is clear that our guides are always eager to learn and love adventure and travel.