The International Labour Organization (ILO),  organized a course on sustainable tourism and rural supply chains in Luang Prabang from 22 – 26 May, 2017.  Last year this training took place in Italy, and this year they are targeting ASEAN region.  The course was held with 35 people from different backgrounds and countries coming from development agencies and government departments.

 The training included a 5 day course which had 2 days visiting field trips around Luang Prabang. During those 2 days of field trips, the participants got to visit interesting examples of tourism rural supply chains in Luang Prabang. Because of their particular interest in Community Based Tourism, Fair Trek was chosen to host one of the field trips to the Eco Bungalow in Ban Long Lao Mai.  The main objective of the visit was to show a realistic look at the project, its pros and cons and to share the current model under which the Eco Bungalow operates. The half day experience included a walk around the community to show the participants the everyday activities and way of life of the villagers.

After an explanation of the Hmong culture, the participants were lead to the Eco Bungalow where the Fair Trek staff explained the model and its challenges, the history of the project and answered some very interesting questions that included the role of the government, the involvement of the community and the benefits that this project represents to them.

A core part of the Eco Bungalow project is the community families that host the volunteers and the tourists. We wanted to share this local and unique experience with the participants of the training, so the group divided in groups and each group was taken to a home-stay where the host family cooked a traditional meal for lunch.

It was a day full of laughter, discussions and interesting questions. Fair Trek is proud to show, share and explain the Eco Bungalow project, all of its challenges and learning experience with others! If you want to have a similar experience and want to know more about the project, write to us :