On December 20th, Fair Trek in conjunction with their partner World Volunteer, will hold their grand opening to celebrate the completion of their 2nd completed Eco Bungalow. Following the ceremony, the beautiful 2-room bungalow will open for business and serve as an additional source of income for the village of Nong Khuay.

This project was started in 2013 by Fair Trek, in partnership with World Volunteer and in collaboration with the community. Together they brought in around 300 students from all around the world to Laos to build an Eco Bungalow in Nong Khuay, a village nestled in the mountains about an hour’s ride from Luang Prabang. The project aims to be as sustainable as possible, by being both environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible. To do so, the Eco Bungalow was made from the ground up out of mud bricks and clay, all sourced locally. In terms of social impact, all business that the bungalow receives through food and accommodation costs will directly benefit the people of the village, by going into their community fund to support development projects for the village.

The beautiful Eco Bungalow features two fully-furnished rooms with private ensuite bathrooms and comes decorated with natural materials in a distinct modern Lao-style with some traditional elements. Each room is full of rustic charms making it a great place to get cozy on a cool evening in the mountains.

For its grand opening, Fair Trek and World Volunteer will host a celebration on the bungalow property, inviting selected guests from the government, high representatives, the community, and the staff to a day of music, traditional dance presentations, and local food to feast upon. A video will also be screened to show the behind-the-scenes efforts of the construction process along with the future benefits that it will hold for the community.

Fair Trek has one other successful eco bungalow currently open in Long Lao Mai, with a third bungalow under construction in San Oudom. All bungalows were made by volunteers and all funds go to directly supporting the community.

Tiger Trail currently offers tours that allow tourists to stay in the bungalows and get away from it all. Trek through the stunning Lao countryside, visit waterfalls, sleep at the charming Eco Bungalows, and get a village experience.

Both Eco Bungalows can be also booked through Airbnb.


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