Fair Trek has already two open Eco Bungalow that you can book through Airbnb or through Tiger Trail web page. The great news is that a third Eco Bungalow is being built in the village of San Oudom. The projects resembles the other two Bungalows: built by volunteers, owned by the community, booked by tourists. Once this Bungalow is booked, tourists will be able to have the 3 day Bungalow experience, a tour that allows them to live in three different villages, get to know different Lao ethnic groups and stay in three different Bungalows. The last update of the Bungalow is that with the help of many groups of our student volunteers, the adobe walls have been finished and the roof canal has been installed. We can wait to share with you the Bungalow construction process. Stay tuned for mor updates and see some of the picture to see the process! Remember, it is not done yet so don’t judge the adobe because it will look beautiful really soon.